Domenico Di Vito – Immagini e colori (2021)

Domenico Di Vito - Immagini e colori (2021)
Artist: Domenico Di Vito
Album: Immagini e colori
Label: Four Flies
Year Of Release: 2021
Quality: FLAC (tracks)

01 – Images and Colours (3:24)
02 – Contemplation (3:18)
03 – Cheerfully (2:10)
04 – The Long Goodbye (2:32)
05 – Happy Ending Story (2:48)
06 – Towards the Future (2:38)
07 – Waste Land (3:41)
08 – Trouble Free (2:11)
09 – The Wretched Emigrant (2:13)
10 – A New Day (2:17)
11 – Dreaming of You (2:23)
12 – Baroque Jazz (0:46)


Four Flies presents the first digital remastered version of Immagini e Colori by Giacomo Dell’Orso, one of two separate albums released with the same title in 1974. Here writing under the moniker Domenico Di Vito (elsewhere he used the pseudonym Oscar Lindok), Dell’Orso is among the most prolific library composers from the 70s. This version comes with two previously unreleased bonus tracks from his archives.

The 12 instrumental pieces in the album evoke very different atmospheres and feelings, from light-hearted romanticism to heroism and tragedy, as it was often the case with the library music of the time, which was composed and recorded with a view to providing a flexible range of mood setters for film, TV or radio productions that did not yet exist. Playing on the album are Gianni Lecis (harpsichord), Alberto Corvini (trumpet), Nino Rapicavoli (flute), and Dell’Orso himself (keyboards and synths).

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